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 ICT Week

Look back at all the successful ICT Week we have organised every year for students in JCTIC.

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What is ICT Week?

ICT Week is an annual event in JCTIC to arouse students interest in all sorts of technology applicable to their daily life.


We will organise workshops, competitions, talks, etc every year for students to know more about technology.

ICT Week

ICT WEEK 2017-18

Organised on 13-17 Nov, 2017, by the Student IT/AV Team and the teachers from the IT Administration Committee.

With a whole new concept and a new added slogan, we are now focusing on coding with micro:bit.

ICT WEEK 2016-17

Organised on 7-11 Nov, 2016, by the Technology Ambassadors and the teachers from ICT Committee.


With a whole new concept and a new added slogan. Featuring events such as 360 camera and Leap Motion.

ICT WEEK 2015-16

Organised on 16~20 Nov 2015, featuring 'mBot Workshop' and 'IT Treasure Hunt'.


The first event using the new name 'ICT Week' instead of 'IT Week'.

IT WEEK 2014-15

Organised on 17~21 Nov 2014, including activities such as 'Remote Control Helicopter with camera' and 'Network Cable Workshop'


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